Flower in Focus: Chrysanthemum

Flower in Focus: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum or "mum" (for a less wordy term) is essentially a fall flower, usually blooming from September to November, belonging to the Asteraceae family. The term Chrysanthemum is derived from Greek words “chrysos" which means gold, and "anthos" which means flower. Though the name suggests the original Chrysanthemum flowers were gold, the most common varieties now available come in variations of traditional white, purple, red and yellow colors.

At Gulbaan, Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular options for flower arrangements and are sourced locally through their farms.

The Natural Aesthetic of Chrysanthemums

The most prominent feature of Chrysanthemum is its flowers. Each stem may have one or up to 3-7 flowers per stem depending on the variety. While at first glance it may seem like the Chrysanthemum flower consists of many petals, in actuality, the flower is composed of several individual small flowers called florets. Florets in the center of the flower are called disk florets and those surrounding the center are known as ray florets.

Chrysanthemum blooms are widely used in flower arrangements because of the variety of shades, and play a great supporting role in complementing larger blooms in bouquets.

Caring for Chrysanthemums

As compared to other blooms, Chrysanthemums are longer-lasting cut flowers, staying fresh and fragrant for 7 to 14 days, or even longer depending on variety, and are relatively easy to care for. The following care tips can help you make the most of your Chrysanthemums:

– Place the Chrysanthemums in a vase filled with room temperature water (for help, see our blog post on How To Prepare Your Bouquet for a Vase – Gulbaan).

– Frequently change the water, especially once the water starts turning cloudy.

– Cut the stems of the mums. Flower stems naturally seal their ends, so cutting them allows the    flower to absorb fresh clean water and extends the vase life. Shorter the stems, more the water taken up by them.

Fun Facts About Chrysanthemums

- Owing to their popularity, Chrysanthemums carry diverse symbolic meanings in different parts of the world. In several parts of the United States, mums are associated with joy and optimism. However, in an opposite symbolism, they are associated with death and are often given at funerals or placed on graves, in European countries like France and Spain.

- Chrysanthemums help to reduce air pollution, according to a study conducted by NASA.

- Chrysanthemums are edible and are widely used in tea.


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