Flower in Focus: Stock (Matthiola Incana)

Flower in Focus: Stock (Matthiola Incana)

Don’t let its simple name fool you, this sweetly fragrant flower really needs a new name to go with its beautiful visage! The flowers come in a number of different colours – pink, red, yellow, lilac and purple – but the most common is white and most recently popular are the pastel tones. Stock is a very enduring bloom that can have a vase life of up to 3 weeks.

Stocks represent lasting beauty and symbolise a happy life. In Elizabethan times, stocks were known as Gillyflowers and this name is still sometimes used.

While the species are native to Europe, North America, central and southwestern Asia, we’re proud to say that Gulbaan’s stock is sourced from Pakistan, expertly grown in our partner farms.

Care Tips Stocks can reward you with a vase life of up to four weeks. However, you need to be careful to regularly change the water, remove any foliage below the water line to prevent slime growing, add flower food and recut the stems.

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