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The Language of Colours: Selecting Flowers Based on Emotions

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, flowers help us take stock of our loved ones. To that end, red is often thought of as the colour of love, traditionally symbolising romance. However, there has been a recent uptick in people’s holistic appreciation of all relationships in their lives, especially friendships.

Instead of waiting for International Friendship Day, which comes on a hot, humid day in July or International Sibling Day (April 10th), Coworking Day, Hug Day, Picnic Day, etc, all those relationships and actions get Valentine’s Day instead. However, we keep using red roses to depict the entire love spectrum, narrowing it down to romantic flower gifts in Lahore.

However, this Valentine’s, Gulbaan’s flowers need to represent the various ways we love and to that end, the language of colours matters.

A Colour’s Love Language

Felicity | Gulbaan Bouquet | Yellow and white flowers

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While red flowers, specifically roses, symbolise passion and romantic interest, the colour pink encapsulates the magic of everyday friendships, gratitude and admiration. It is a perfect way to appreciate a sibling, friend or partner. 


White flowers, on the other hand, symbolise sincerity, respect and loyalty towards the recipient. Yellow, a vibrant colour that brings life into any space it is a part of, represents the positivity, optimism and joy that every day can be. Is someone you know having a difficult time? Maybe this Valentine’s Day, they need optimistic energy to brighten up their mood and homespace instead of romantic flower gifts in Lahore. 

Other Hues

Or green to be a sign of hope for the coming year, or orange to remind us of what a joy it is to be alive every day, including on Valentine’s. Or maybe it is red; a deep passion and love one shares for themselves. Maybe this is the year we look at ourselves in the mirror and ask, “Will you be my Valentine?” 

This February, it's time to make a big deal about being human and alive, to appreciate oneself and every person who has made a positive difference in one’s life. It’s time to take on Gulbaan’s flower-obsessed spirit and make it a festive month.

Gulbaan Valentine’s Day Flowers

It is in the nature of Gulbaan to think people always deserve flowers, so to us, Valentine’s Day is yet another opportunity to remind our audience of this. To recommend our picks for the fourteenth, let’s tap into a bit of the science of flowers and emotions.

Studies have found that less than 20 minutes next to plants can increase positive thoughts and improve mood, with an even higher correlation with being able to smell them. Hence, our first pick would be a fragrant collection of white, pink and red roses, which add vibrant colours and pleasant aromas to any home or workspace. 

The pandemic’s era of lockdowns underpinned the importance of nature and its presence in the home space. A study found that the presence of flowers and plants had an important impact on positive mental health outcomes for people under lockdown conditions by providing an “escape” from feelings of social isolation indoors, with a significant reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Our following recommendation is a bright yellow bouquet that pops in your room. Gulbaan has a few options for you to pick from! We’ve got Felicity and Dusk Till Dawn to radiate in your surroundings. 

Dusk Till Dawn | Gulbaan | Valentine's Day Bouquet | Sunflowers and purple flowers

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Choice of colour matters too! A study found that green-yellow and bright green leaves increase feelings of cheerfulness and relaxation, and what better way to show someone that they are special to you than to bring good vibes and serenity to their day, especially if your loved one is a workaholic addicted to the hustle.

A mixture of green and purple in a bouquet is also reported to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, a perfect Valentine's present for a family member suffering from stress, hypertension, or heart issues. Check out Marshmallow or get a custom bouquet with our purple chrysanthemums. 

Read all about their benefits and aesthetic value and become a connoisseur of flora. Does our floral diversity and knowledge make us the best flower shop in Lahore? We think so. We don’t just sell you flowers; we transfer our deep passion for them. All of our flowers and bouquets are Gulbaan Valentine’s Day Flowers. 

Mindful Giving

Marshmallow | Gulbaan | Valentine's Day Bouquet | Purple and white flowers

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This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate with intentionality. 

There’s more than one way to show love, and by specialising the kind of flowers you give to different relations that matter, you can make this fourteenth of February extra special.

The traditional association of red flowers with romance ought to be challenged by a broader perspective on love. Instead of limiting expressions of affection to a specific day, people are embracing the diverse relationships that enrich their lives every day.

Gulbaan recognises the evolving language of love, urging individuals to explore the spectrum of emotions through the language of colours. Red symbolises passion, but pink signifies everyday friendships, white embodies sincerity, and yellow radiates positivity.

This Valentine's, Gulbaan encourages self-love and appreciation for all positive influences, making us the best flower shop in Lahore. The selection of flowers is not just a gift but a celebration of life, emotions, and the shared joy of being human.

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