Two Awesome Flower Hacks to Keep in Mind

Two Awesome Flower Hacks to Keep in Mind

Here at Gulbaan, we’re all about taking the DIY route whenever possible. We’d love to share the flower hacks we’ve learned over time. You’re here, so fresh cut flowers mean as much to you as they do to us, and you deserve the best advice we have to offer when it comes to flower care!  

Cut Flower Stems at 45-degree Angle

This is an absolute essential when it comes to flower care! Not only does the 45-degree angle increase the surface area of the stem, increasing the amount of water it can absorb, but the diagonal angle prevents the stem from laying flat at the bottom of a vase, blocking water absorption.

An added tip is to cut the stems holding them under water, as this means no air bubbles get in the way of absorbing water effectively.

So the next time you receive your favorite Gulbaan bouquet, make sure to trim the stems an inch, and repeat every few days to ensure that flow of H2O! You’ll definitely notice a difference in their health, longevity and attractiveness!


Cook Up Some Homemade Flower Food!

In Pakistan, prepackaged flower preservatives are difficult to purchase. Here at Gulbaan, we’ll let you in to a little secret, the magic formula is actually really simple, and easy to whip up at home. It's only three ingredients: sugar, lemon juice and household bleach! The sugar is for nutrition, lemon juice to change the pH of the water to allow for better absorption and the bleach to act as an anti-bacterial. The ratio per liter of water is two tablespoons lemon juice, one tablespoon sugar and one teaspoon of household bleach. Just make sure to change your water and add fresh flower food every second day! 

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