Collection: Gulbaan x Rina's

Celebrate Mother's Day with Gulbaan & Rina's Kitchenette – The Perfect Bundle of Love and Tradition!

This Mother's Day, Gulbaan in collaboration with Rina's Kitchenette brings you an exclusive bundle to celebrate the most important woman in your life. Honour the spirit of motherhood with our specially curated collection that blends traditional elegance with gourmet indulgence, crafted for the discerning tastes of our Pakistani audience.

The Essence of Motherhood: Gulbaan's Exquisite Assortment

Gulbaan, a name synonymous with heritage and sophistication, proudly presents a range of products that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of Pakistan. Each item in our Mother's Day bundle has been thoughtfully selected to resonate with the grace and strength that epitomise Pakistani motherhood.

Our Mother's Day Bundle Includes:

  • Rina's Signature Cakes: Fresh out of the oven and layered with the most decadent chocolates.
  • Gulbaan's Floral Arrangements: Select bouquets masterfully created by our expert florists.

A Delectable Delight by Rina's Kitchenette

Rina's Kitchenette, renowned for its exquisite culinary creations, adds flavour to our bundle with bespoke confectioneries and savouries. Prepared with the finest ingredients, each delicacy is a tribute to the unconditional love of mothers.

Gourmet Highlights:

  • Signature Cakes: Moist, decadent cakes topped with intricate icing designs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Mother's Day Bundle by Gulbaan & Rina's Kitchenette include?

Our exclusive Mother's Day Bundle includes an expertly crafted Gulbaan bouquet and one of Rina's signature cakes.

How can I ensure the quality of the products?

Gulbaan's commitment to quality is unwavering, with each product crafted by skilled artisans. Rina's Kitchenette's offerings are prepared fresh, using the highest quality ingredients, ensuring an unrivalled taste experience.

Are the products in the Mother's Day Bundle customisable?

We offer a range of options to personalise your gift. Please contact our customer service team to discuss customisation possibilities.

Can I order the Mother's Day Bundle for delivery outside of Pakistan?

Currently, our Mother's Day Bundle is available exclusively within Pakistan. We ensure prompt delivery within the country to bring joy to mothers nationwide. Gulbaan does accept orders from abroad for delivery within Lahore.

How do I place an order for the Mother's Day Bundle?

Orders can be placed directly through the Gulbaan website. Navigate to our Mother's Day Collaboration page, pick the product you like, and follow the simple checkout process.

What makes the Gulbaan and Rina's Kitchenette partnership unique?

Our partnership combines Gulbaan's expertise in curating cultural products with Rina's Kitchenette's culinary excellence. This collaboration brings a unique offering that pays homage to the beauty of Pakistani traditions and the taste of home.

Embrace the tradition, taste, and love with Gulbaan and Rina's Kitchenette this Mother's Day. Show your appreciation and love with a bundle that's as exceptional as she is. Place your order today and create unforgettable memories with the ultimate expression of gratitude and affection.