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Chand Raat Basket

Chand Raat Basket

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Introducing Chand Raat Basket: An Ode to the Eve of Eid

The Chand Raat Basket is a mesmerizing ensemble from Gulbaan's exclusive Eid collection, designed to embody the essence of Chand Raat's magical allure. As families gather to spot the first moon before Eid, this basket brims with a mix of blooms that mirrors the festive glow of the evening. Celebrate the conclusion of Ramadan with a floral array that promises to adorn your spaces with its splendor.

Cradled in an elegant wooden basket, the Chand Raat Basket is an emblem of the abundance that Eid brings. The careful selection of flowers in this collection, from the charming gerberas to the noble chrysanthemums, is a spectacle of nature's diversity, reflecting the unified spirit of the festivities.


  • Gerberas: Their radiant petals are a nod to the joyous laughter and heartfelt connections that define Eid's celebrations.
  • Chrysanthemums: These blooms, with their intricate layers, symbolize the complex beauty of traditions cherished during this time.
  • Seasonal Flora: An array of carefully selected complementary blooms enriches the basket with a tapestry of colors and textures.
  • Rustic Charm: Presented in a handcrafted wooden basket, this arrangement brings a touch of natural elegance to any setting.

Experience the Charm of Chand Raat Basket: The Chand Raat Basket is not just a floral arrangement; it's a centerpiece to your observance of Chand Raat, enhancing the ambiance with its lush and vibrant presence.

Perfect for:

  • Adorning your home as you gather with loved ones to celebrate the arrival of Eid.
  • Gifting to family and friends as a gesture of shared joy and festive cheer.
  • Inviting prosperity and beauty into your space with a floral testament to Eid's blessings.

Indulge in the beauty of the Chand Raat Basket from Gulbaan, and let it be a prelude to the joy and abundance of the Eid celebration.

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

  • Transfer these flowers to a vase, use room temperature water, and change it every two days.
  • Trim at least a half inch of stem off your flowers at an angle before you put them in a vase and each time you change the water.
  • Use sharp scissors when cutting to prevent damage to the tissue/cell at the end of the stem.
  • Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light.
  • Avoid sitting your flowers beside ripening fruit or vegetables, especially bananas and apples.
  • After enjoying your flowers, carefully wash the vase with hot soapy water.
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