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Heart To Heart

Heart To Heart

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"Imagine a beautiful white box filled with the most stunning sunflowers and orange gerberas, their vibrant colors popping against the white backdrop. To add a touch of elegance, we've sprayed some gerberas with silver, giving them a dazzling sparkle. And to bring a touch of nature, we've included pine cones, reminding us of the beauty of the outdoors. With the best quality imported red roses arranged in a sweet manner. It's a captivating blend of colors and textures that will bring warmth and joy to any space. Sending this arrangement is like sending a heartfelt message of love and happiness.

The heart-shaped nested roots are a unique and special addition to the arrangement. These roots are carefully shaped into the form of a heart, symbolizing love and growth. They are intricately placed within the box arrangement, adding a touch of charm and symbolism to the overall design. The roots represent the foundation and strength of a relationship, while the heart shape signifies the deep affection and connection between two people. It's a beautiful and meaningful detail that adds an extra layer of sentiment to the arrangement.

Care Instructions

- Don’t take flowers out of the boxed arrangement.
- Pour one glass of water daily inside the box to keep the floral foam wet.

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