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Snow White

Snow White

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Discover the timeless elegance of the "Snow White" bouquet from Gulbaan. This sophisticated arrangement features pristine white lilies, spray roses, and carnations, beautifully accented with delicate gypsophilas and lush Natal Plum leaves. The Snow White bouquet is a perfect expression of purity and grace, making it an ideal gift for any special occasion.

Product Details:

  • Flowers Included: White lilies, spray roses, carnations, gypsophilas, Natal Plum leaves
  • Ideal For: Weddings, sympathy, congratulations, or any event requiring a touch of elegance
  • Delivery Area: Available for delivery in Lahore, Pakistan


  1. Where can I find a high-quality flower bouquet in Lahore?

    • Gulbaan offers a range of premium flower bouquets, including the elegant Snow White bouquet, available for purchase at our flower shop in Lahore.
  2. Is there a flower shop near me that delivers?

    • Yes, Gulbaan provides reliable flower delivery services throughout Lahore, ensuring your Snow White bouquet arrives fresh and beautiful.
  3. Who is the best florist in Lahore for elegant flower arrangements?

    • Gulbaan is known as a top florist in Lahore, specializing in creating stunning arrangements like the Snow White bouquet, perfect for any occasion.
  4. Can I get same-day flower delivery in Lahore?

    • Absolutely. Gulbaan offers same-day flower delivery for orders placed within our cut-off times. Check our website for details and enjoy prompt delivery of your Snow White bouquet.
  5. Can I personalize my flower bouquet?

    • Yes, Gulbaan allows for customization. Contact our flower shop in Lahore to personalize your Snow White bouquet to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

  • Transfer these flowers to a vase, use room temperature water, and change it every two days.
  • Trim at least a half inch of stem off your flowers at an angle before you put them in a vase and each time you change the water.
  • Use sharp scissors when cutting to prevent damage to the tissue/cell at the end of the stem.
  • Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light.
  • Avoid sitting your flowers beside ripening fruit or vegetables, especially bananas and apples.
  • After enjoying your flowers, carefully wash the vase with hot soapy water.
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